About politics

I’m a politics nerd.

None of you are interested, so don’t bother reading this.

I’m a lefty. I own a business, so you could assume I’m an evil capitalist pig, but I’m not.

Every politician seems scared of being seen as “anti business”, so they just let corporations walk all over us.

But imagine business is a car. In the 1970s the “business car” was forced to carry an anvil in the boot, and travel down twisty b-roads at 15 MPH. Those people who couldn’t afford a car weren’t left far behind, and none of them were mown down and left bleeding in the street.

In the 1980s all of that changed. Suddenly speed limits for the “business car” were abolished, and they all charged around as fast as they liked, polluting the world and killing pedestrians, and crashing all the time. Cars got smaller and faster and fancier, and instead of having a dozen people in a minivan, happily trundling along, you got one person in a Lamborghini, chewing up tarmac and saying “fuck you” to the people he left standing on the pavement in his dust.

Somehow, this was meant to be better.

So here we are. The car has crashed (again). People have died or had their lives ruined (again). But instead of pointing out that the driver was a dangerous lunatic, the government (who should be policing things) decided it would be best if we all coughed up a little to buy him a new Lambo. And maybe open a new road, just for him and his pals.

Nobody is allowed to suggest we set a speed limit of 70 MPH. “It’s bad for business”, they scream, as though businesses can survive without people.

Me? I’m a 70 MPH guy. That’s fast enough. And rather than individual Lamborghinis which are great for one person but horrific for the rest of us, can’t we have a nice family car that fits plenty of people and has some airbags? We all get there in plenty of time, and some of us even get to enjoy the view. And nobody gets killed.

The 1970’s speed limit of 15 MPH was too slow. But the current limitless, dangerous, crazy path is utter madness, and a lot of people will suffer just so a twat in a Lamborghini can barrel around at 200.

That’s my politics, in a nutshell. Fuck people in sports cars.


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