About me, as if you care.


I’m a man.

Hold on, just let me check… yes, I’m definitely a man. And this is an approximation of how I look. You’ve been warned.

Oh, I do paintings. 

I’m in my mid 40s, but if you’re reading this in the future (and honestly, when else are you going to read it?) I might be in my early 50s, late 60s, or dead.

I’m from Manchester, a city in England that thinks it’s the coolest place on earth and, from time to time, is. Suck on that, Wolverhampton!

I know the difference between “sardonic” and “sarcastic”, but I’m not telling you.

I swear much more on this blog than in real life. Used appropriately, swearing is an excellent addition to a wide and varied vocabulary. Used incessently, it’s the sign of a dullard.

I’m married. Sorry ladies. I’m a lucky man, and she’s a forgiving woman, and shes so far out of my league that it might as well be a different sport. And that’s all I have to say about that.

I have no children, but watch this space (unless it’s sunny, in which case go outside and play). 

I have a brother I refuse to like, in spite of the fact we’re actually very close. I use words like “whom”.

Exactly 50% of my parents are still alive. If it was 37% it’d be weird. Statistics!

I rarely see my friends, because we’ve all moved into a virtual realm. I find that sad.

I saw a football match once. It was OK, but I don’t feel I need to see another one.

I’m working class. You’d never know it unless you actually met me, and then you would know it instantly. I’m English. My class matters. Isn’t that pathetic?

I like politics and science and arts and good films. A good film is one in which the script took longer than the pyrotechnics, and in which the bad guy doesn’t come back to life after you kill him. A good film rarely has the number 2 in the title.

I’m moderately left of centre, and only seem moreso because the world has veered disasterously to the right. Snap out of it. 

I voted Remain. I was right. Don’t argue, I just was, ok?

I design websites, hence my Twitter handle (that’s R Jones UX, not R Jone SUX). I owned a business doing web stuff for 13 years, until I had a brief, messy involvement with kidney cancer (we’ll call it a draw), re-evaluated what made me happy, and packed it in to focus on design.

I’m happy.


    16 thoughts on “About me, as if you care.

        1. “The Countess from Hong Kong”, “Subway in the Sky”, “Snows of Kilimanjaro”, “Three on a Meathook” …

          Well, yes, silly me. But it’s true with the German titles of many movies…

      1. Thank you. Although if you follow me, you’ll just end up going to work and the supermarket. My life is quite dull.

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