So we lost. I mean we all lost, not just Remain.

If you don’t follow politics, let me put it in a football metaphor. This was England vs England in the World Cup final: and England still managed to lose on penalties. 

Oh Christ, what have we done?
If it seems I’m laughing, I’m not: this is hysteria. This it terrifying. The consequences are appalling, and will last decades. I’m not prone to histrionics, but this feels like being tied to a madman who’s just gleefully hurled himself off a cliff. It’s gonna hurt. A lot. 

In the last week I’ve been retweeted over 42,000 times, sometimes on purpose, and I’ve had hundreds of conversations on social media (I avoided the real world after being shrieked at by a momentarily insane elderly in-law for suggesting Nigel Farage might not be honest). 

But in all those conversations I only reached Remainders. Leavers, predominantly, sent abuse, told me my data were nonsense, chanted “project fear” and blocked me.

Fine. I’m nothing special. But facts are. You can have your own opinion, but not your own facts.

It terrifies me that so many simply refused to accept facts. “We don’t believe experts”, you cry, then blithely plod into the Apple Store looking for a Genius with eccentric glasses who can sort out your basic shit. 

You need experts, you just don’t like to be challenged. It’s a horrifying glimpse into a Trumpian wet-dream of a gullible public drinking the Kool-Aid of belligerent, quasi-fascist lying monsters. 

But I accept: facts can be hard. Harder than gut feelings. But the thing about thinking with your gut: your gut literally has shit for brains. 

Now, I’m no genius; I belong in no Apple Store. I’m no better, richer, smarter or more moral than you are. And like most people, I find big numbers hard to wrap my head around. So my trick is this: turn them all into time. And then you can picture it. 

So if you’re talking about millions or billions of pounds, convert it into millions or billions of seconds. Google can do this for you, and it really helps. 

Let’s try it on the cost of the Brexit vote on its first day. Just on the 24th June. One day.

And to put it into context, I’ve included the cost of the UK’s membership of the EU. Remember, every £1 of cost to the nation is converted into 1 second. 

Annual cost of the EU
251 years

Cost to the Bank of England in one day
15,854 years

The cost to the global economy today
63,419 years

I’ll just let that sit with you for a moment. Just look at those numbers. Feel good about voting Leave?

Let’s move on.

I guess the good thing – I always look for the good thing – is that the people hit most quickly will be the ones drawing pensions today. It’s cost them 12% of their assets and 10% of their pension pot today. Just today. 

Gloating may seem stupid, given that my team lost. And gloating about the elderly losing money might appear unfair; hell, it is unfair to the many pensioners who voted Remain.

But it’s more unfair to the majority of their kids, who are equally affected, have to live with it for longer, and didn’t vote for it. 

Truly, they fuck you up, your mum and dad. 63% of under-50s voted to Remain. But their parents… Their parents have a lot to answer for. 

Their parents got free education, solid gold pensions, young retirement age, great healthcare, cheap, plentiful housing, the chance to travel the world, and an atmosphere you can breathe. And unless they’re 90, they did not fight in the war, no matter what they tell you, so they don’t even have the excuse of being the Greatest Generation. 

Not only are they getting their offspring to fund their largesse and clean up the godawful mess, they just voted to deny it to the rest of us.

Argue all you want. And I know it wasn’t all of you. But it was most of you, grandma. It happened. You did it. It’s true. 

Worse that that; in fact, if you’ve got a moment, the absolute worst thing I can imagine under these unbelievably stupid circumstances: it achieved nothing. 

It won’t change immigration, the Great Topic that looms behind everything. That will continue as before, because there never has been any alternative. Boris and Nigel are trying to find a way to park this particular knowledge-turd on your driveway right now. They know it. Now they have to tell you lot, without getting strung up.

Basically, we can’t not sell to the EU. We sell (or rather, sold) more to the EU than we sell to the USA, India, Saudi Arabia, China, Canada and Brazil combined. We cannot survive without that market. It would bankrupt us in months. 

But to continue to sell to the EU, we have to accept its rules. Including regulation. Including tariffs. Here’s a video that explains it all. You’ll hate it. It has facts. 

And those unavoidable EU rules include the free movement of people. Immigration. Just as before. It’s what Norway has, and Norway thinks we’re demented to vote for the same thing: all the costs of membership, no access to the clubhouse. For Norway, with great responsibility comes no power, like a shit Spider-Man.

We protested that you can’t change the EU from inside: apparently we decided that the best way to change it was from 500 miles away, having resigned, by shouting impotently at the sea and burning our pensions. 

So we lit a fire, we threw on kerosene, fried our industry, and cooked and ate our young around the conflagration, like heathen gods. 

And for what? A 2-hour smug feeling about kicking politicians, which wore off as soon as the markets opened. We’re idiots. And don’t say I didn’t warn you. I did. We all did. You were too busy kicking.

Britain is closed. Bereavement. 


5 thoughts on “What Brexit means

  1. I have discerned that (at least) a few people I know voted Leave because they don’t like the Conservative Government’s austerity measures. Thereby removing our one and only protection against them. A decision of this magnitutde should not have been made by laypeople who don’t understand the arguments and implications.

  2. I resent the implication that heathen gods are about burning sacrificial children.

    There’s a large neopagan movement in the UK which has spent years undoing exactly that sort of stereotype.

    The rest of it however – I’m totally onboard with that.

    1. Ok, not like heathen gods: like a bunch of stupid, lumpen, xenophobic, economically incompetent, legally ignorant twats.

  3. I noticed you never mentioned sovereignty or democracy or should we just ignore it??. That’s the issue for us “older” voters. You’ve really jerry picked your facts, like the fact the economy recovered and ended the week higher than it started. I’ve no problem with you being upset at the outcome, just the total negativity in which you except our democratic process. The referendum is over, the will of the people have spoken, its now time to move on and try to make the best of what you’ve got.

    1. Well… watch the video in the link I’ve included. In it, a professor of constitutional law explains that there is no sovereignty issue. At all. It’s a lie, which should have been countered, but which tragically wasn’t. Not that it mattered, almost nobody listened to facts because you all know better.

      This isn’t just opinion, by the way, this is the actual law. It’s written down. You can check it.

      And as for markets recovering: haven’t you noticed? £2trillion knocked off pensions (that’s 12% of your income). And to put it into contrast, that’s 11700 times the amount we spent on the EU. In fact, it’s enough to fund the EU Parliament and commission (for all 28 members) for 251 years. I know. I did the maths.

      So if I’m negative, it’s because I’ve researched, know the law, know the figures, and have to live with this shit for 30 years after the older voters are dead.

      There is very little “best of what we’ve got”. New passports. End of UK. Loss of Gibraltar. Loss of Scotland. Loss of NI peace agreement. Loss of 28,000 jobs on Friday alone, and doubtless more to come. Loss of 26% of NHS doctors who will lose their right to live here. Mortgages more expensive so no homes for your kids and grandkids (who were already paying 7x the amount you did in 1970). Higher fuel costs. Higher phone costs. Higher food costs. More expensive travel, and 2.6 million Brits living abroad have no right to any more. Countless broken relationships.

      40 years of laws need to be rewritten in 2 years, and put through parliament. So new laws won’t be examined carefully, and we’ll have crap laws for decades.

      Loss of status. Loss of importance in the world. America won’t call Downing Street any more. Nissan won’t invest. HSBC will move to out. 17% of our tax revenue comes from financial service industries, and they’ll decamp to Hong Kong, New York and Frankfurt.

      If there’s a bright side, it’s that it will hurt you just as much, but you’ll be too confused to understand why. I have absolutely zero sympathy. That might seem rude, but, frankly, you fucked my country and fucked my future, so I don’t care.

      There. I said it.

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