It’s a sad day, and I’m trying to focus on that, and not be angry.

Her poor kids.

Of course, it’s too soon to judge Jo Cox’s killer. He may be mentally ill. So I’m not judging him.

I’m perfectly happy to judge others though: the politicians who sacrifice peace and honour and public good for their ambition.

Are you happy now, Nigel? Sleeping well tonight, Boris?

img_3752Those things that used to define Britain… calmness, rationality, openness, kindness, thoughtfulness, intelligence, safety and peace… those things are being snuffed out.

But not by immigrants; by anti-immigrants.

By the angry, by the ill-informed; by the noisy, tiresome mob; the furious nostalgic pensioner who’s political curiosity is as deep as the front page of the Daily Mail.

By the raging middle-class who vote for cuts at home, then blame Belgium when little Cassandra can’t get into their favourite school.

By the Sun-reading, X-Factor-addled, mindlessly irate, who don’t recognise their own Home Secretary, yet regurgitate low-grade xenophobia about Bulgarians each day.

By the closed-minded, furious fools without even the courage to admit that skin-colour is behind their rhetoric.

Those thing that define Britain? They’re important.

And they’re being stamped out by the British: not by foreigners.

If you “want your country back”, start behaving how you want that country to behave.

You want it fair? Be fair to refugees.

You want it honest? Don’t tell lies about migrants.

You want it to be rational? Believe evidence, don’t dismiss it as the lies of the elite.

You want it peaceful? Don’t pour gasoline on the flames or racism.

RIP Jo Cox.

7 thoughts on “Jo Cox

    1. Nope. This is the problem: my response is sorrow, as it says at the beginning. My sorrow is met with unthinking cynicism. I hope that now changes, and a greater spirit of respect and curiosity emerges. Facts exist. Most people don’t want to know.

      And you’ll note I didn’t say “most Brexiters”. That’s deliberate. Go in peace.

      1. Look at how many posts about this murder have been tagged with ‘Brexit’ and that will tell you all you need to know. Cameron must be rubbing his hands with glee.

  1. There is a logic behind your words, unfortunately being fair and nice to illegal aliens is not going to solve the root problem in a reasonable amount of time. There is a thing called national culture and another called borders: bother have been around since a long time and much blood has been spilt to affirm and sustain them. WHAT FOR?

    1. There are a number of huge, intractable, violent wars on the margins of Europe. Many were started, fueled or armed by Britain. The result is that millions want to escape. This is pretty much how it was in 1939, when, to our nation’s eternal pride, we rescued refugees, tackled nationalism, and helped to build a better world by (in case you didn’t know) proposing and the starting the EU.

      It’s equally to our nation’s eternal shame that we’re undoing all that good work and turning out back on the needy. And why? Because we feel the pain of austerity WE voted for, and are blaming the pain on other countries.

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